For the past couple weeks, we have been working with Elijah Palnik (check out his incredible TEDTalk here), the music director here at the Department of Dance. We’ve been exploring and learning Garageband, as well as some basic sound design. Having never played an instrument or had any sort of formal music training, I was … Continue reading Garageband


If you hadn’t heard of the Book of Judith before you came across this post, don’t feel bad. Her tale was a new one to me as well. The Book of Judith is a deuterocanonical bible story included in some versions of the Old Testament, but not much else. It’s been accepted not as a … Continue reading Judith

everybody. somebody. anybody. nobody.

Each word is made of two parts. But are the beginnings prefixes that define “body”? or does “body” act as a suffix, somehow further modifying each new prefix? “Nobody” is so absolute, completely exclusive. “Everybody” lies on the other end of the spectrum; it’s the very definition of inclusion. “Somebody” and “anybody” lay somewhere in … Continue reading everybody. somebody. anybody. nobody.