Maree ReMalia

I recently had the distinct pleasure of speaking for approximately half an hour with Maree ReMalia, a spectacular woman and artist who got her MFA in Dance from OSU in 2011. This was part of a freshman class wide project in which we were are assigned different individuals currently active in the arts world and … Continue reading Maree ReMalia

Where I’m @: 3.4.16

A month later and I’m still very much stuck on choice because when it occurs to me that I’ve made a choice, it still hits me as a new experience which only serves to prove how little choice-making I was participating in before. Before what specifically? I’m not sure. Just before. I’ve been doing some self-analysis however to … Continue reading Where I’m @: 3.4.16

Dina Sawyer

Well, here it is! My adventure into all the ways in which dance can exist continues with a stab at a dance for camera film, featuring the lovely Maddie Leonard-Rose. This film was shot on my iPhone in Orton Hall, one of the oldest buildings here on campus, and then edited in Final Cut Pro. … Continue reading Dina Sawyer