Where I’m @: 1.22.17

In alignment with my one of New Year’s resolutions to stop unnecessarily apologizing, I am not sorry I haven’t posted one of these in a while–I’m busy and when I get the chance to sit down and write one, that’s when I’ll write it, and that’s ok! I left you last in November, and the … Continue reading Where I’m @: 1.22.17

Where I’m @: 10.13.16

Here I am–I’m doing it! I’m swallowing my pride and following through with the thought of “better late than never” that I’ve been having since the schoolyear began…3 months ago. The summer feels irrelevant and as though it occurred ages ago, but since neither are actually true about it and I’ve not kept up my … Continue reading Where I’m @: 10.13.16

Where I’m @: 5.4.16

Admittedly, I missed last month’s edition–it was a crazy time. Forgive me! Here’s where I’m at now… The page on which freshman year took place has officially been turned. Every paper has been submitted, every final taken, every single last task completed. All that’s left to do is reflect on the last 8 months. Every … Continue reading Where I’m @: 5.4.16